Posted by: virge1701 | February 6, 2010

Folderol Weekly Specials & Recipes!

Your Hosts, Virginia & Dion Morrow

Each week on this website you’ll be able to check out Chef Ruggeri’s latest weekly specials and find some of Dion’s Tantilizing Creations from the bar that you can enjoy at home too!

I strongly suggest subscribing to our site so you can receive updates via email on the things going on here at Gigi’s Folderol!



  1. The Folderol is not your mother’s dining room. The Folderol does not serve food like Grandma used to make. The Folderol is the dining room you wished your mother had, and the food will make you weep when you remember all those meals ’round Grandma’s table.

    Lots of fine dining establishments offer attentive service. Virginia and Dion treat all their patrons like regulars. No, better than regulars. Guests are welcomed as long awaited and soarly missed friends. No one is ever hurried at table. Exquisite cuisine is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Virginia ensures each diner the time to do that.

    For all Chef Ruggeri’s kitchen wizardry, there is no pretense at the Folderol. The restaurant houses an elegant Victorian dining room and a more contemporary room open to the friendliest bar in the County. And, Dion will expertly mix any drink you care to imbibe. Not sure how you want to wet your whistle? Ask Dion to surprise you. You will not be disappointed. Dion and Virginia’s business is hospitality, and they expertly make every visitor feel at home.

    Gigi’s Folderol is a gem of a welcoming place that has been hidden in Westtown for too long. It is more than worth the drive to the beautiful Town of Minisink. One visit will lead to another and another and another, and each visit will be new, a fresh discovery of culinary delight.

    Are we lucky? No. We’re blessed to have Gigi’s Folderol in our back yard. Come and see for yourselves. You’ll come again.

    • thank you liz and eddie,the pleasure is ours

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