Posted by: virge1701 | March 21, 2010

Old Friends

About a month ago an old friend,chef and artist, named Guy Scohy passed away.  Since that day,  many of us — who are what we call lifers in the restaurant biz — have called me to just shoot the breeze and share thoughts about a man who took time in some way every day or shift worked with him; to change your perception on life.  Guy was deep, a little cooky and very funny, but most of all he was honest, loving, and very talented.  We will be displaying some of guys art work at the Folderol for all to come and enjoy and perhaps you to can share a story with us about this incredible man.

This event has led me to look at the various talents of my own staff,which i have found to be awesome, some have masters degrees

Your Hosts, Virginia & Dion Morrow

speak multiple languages and play musical instruments as well as many other things, so what is our common denominator what brings us back together week after week. It’s the equivelent of your mama’s kitchen on the outside world…you guessed it… a restaurant.

So don’t forget next time your eating out — be it a diner or here at Folderol — the many hidden talents that lie within our staff.

Hope to see you all soon now that spring has sprung.



  1. I first met Guy in 1976 where in my home
    town of petaluma, Ca He opened a restaurant
    named DeSchmire Place.
    Me and a couple Friends started as dishwashers.
    It was each of ours first job as ninth graders.
    What an immpresion we had of this Belgium Chef
    who we could hardly understand. As we worked
    ere encouraged to finish the dishes
    and come flip the beans, make the bearnaise.
    Or peel some potatoes.
    In a restaurant filled with picnic tables
    and a menu on the chalk board. We sat 30-40 patrons.
    This was an “exibition” kitchen where orders
    were placed verbably to the chef no printer or
    copies of the order, all done by memory.
    Customers Would sit back and watch the
    “show” Many times there would be customers
    waiting Outside to get a seat.
    We thought Guy was nuts, chasing us around
    the stove, mallet in hand “ne ne ne” he
    would tell us when we screwed up.
    Little did we know then that we were
    Being prepared for lifes challenges in
    The workplace and Guy would be showing
    Us the importance of working with pride
    And determination of doing your best job
    At all times. This was his way. Having
    Known at a very early age he wanted to
    become a Chef, Guy owned two first class
    restaurants at the age of 21. I was fortunate enough
    To have been working with Guy up until
    He sold the restaurant in 1982 and began
    working as an artist.
    At that time he had an exibition in Belgium
    And I was able to go there with the
    Intentions of learning Belgium Cuisine.
    This was an experience I will never forget
    It certanly was an adventure at times,
    Which I would expect no less from Guy but
    I will always be gratefull for all the
    Experiences I had with this Great Chef.
    Guy was a mentor to those he touched,
    My biggest regret was losing contact with
    Him after Belgium although I take
    Comfort in knowing I could have shown
    Up at his doorstep any time and have been
    Welcomed with a glass of wine, a meal
    Maybe some Schmire and a laugh over old
    I have missed this man, Carol, & Ishaloo
    I thank him for the encouragement to
    follow a dream and Helping me to learn
    what a Chef should be. Its been a little
    over a year since his passing and I find
    myself as I am sure many do,thinking
    about Guy and how he touched their lives.
    I don’t know if anyone Will read this post,
    but I am gald I found this web page to
    to tell a little bit about my personal
    experience with one Of the best Chef’s
    to have worked in a kitchen.
    I love you Guy,
    Rest in peace and God Bless.
    Russell King

    When we screwed up.

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