Posted by: virge1701 | April 1, 2010

Fresh Herbs

Your Hosts, Virginia & Dion Morrow

It’s interesting to me why do people use dry herbs in summer when there are so many avenues for fresh herbs.  Let’s take for example, planting a few pots of herbs that with very little care will give you great taste in your summer foods for months. Then you can bring them inside and have fresh herbs all winter!

Also, please remember to use all of your local farmers markets.  I have 6 or so near my house and all run on different days so there is no excuse not to stop by and have a look.  Farmers  markets often have more than food, some have fresh flowers.  Ours even have a vender selling homemade sausage and rabbit or small game (just in time for Easter!).  I have choosen to buy my apples and onions locally since this is where they grow and are available all year long.  So no matter where you live try to find what is growing locally and use it all year long.

And always remember to support all your local farmers!


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