Posted by: virge1701 | April 17, 2010

The Art of Fishing

Your Hosts, Virginia & Dion Morrow

So for those of you who know me, you are also aware that I have a part-time job at another eatery…where fishing has somehow become a topic associated with me.  Yes, I do like to fish.  Am I good at it?  Not really.  But what I do enjoy is being out in nature.  What my co-workers fail to understand is that in order to be 100% knowledgeable about your product, which in my case is food, you must know its humble beginnings.  So, when I am outdoors fishing…I’m thinking about how I’m going to cook that fish.  What is my process going to be?  So I did a survey.  I polled all the cooks and chefs I know and guess what?  They are all avid fisherman too.  What they didn’t tell me was a big fish story but they did tell me how beautiful the ‘secret spot’ was…not about the fish.  It goes to show you that it’s not just about the fishing…it’s about being one with nature.  Once you understand the “Zen of Fishing”, you realize it has nothing to do with the fish.  And now…you too are ready…grasshopper…to leave the temple!

So, listen to the DirksOutdoors Show on WTBQ FM/AM!  I also want to thank my good friend Mike Mead who took me fishing on the Upper Delaware River…from Hancock to Long Eddy…which was beautiful!  Keep your eye out for the eagles!



  1. Now that’s a great story! Will it be followed by one about golf? Dion?
    See you tonight!

  2. All is good but have you tried 1 perch, 1 catfish, lemon juice, 3 shots of overproof rum and crushed ice in the blender served in large martini glass garnished with salmon eggs. great summer drink.

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