Posted by: virge1701 | July 8, 2010

Berries in Bloom

It’s that time of year, when the berries are now blooming and one of my favorite things to do is hike, so I always look for trails where I know the berries hide.  My best spot for finding these hidden treasures in in Cragsmoor, New York on the way to Sam’s Point.  There are ample bluberries along this trail. But don’t forget to look out for the bears because it is one of their favorite treats as well! 

Also do not discount neighbors and friends yards as a local and free source for delicious summer treats.  My friend Nicole has a huge blackberry tree in her backyard that I will be pillaging from soon!

So if hiking is not on your agenda try planting some berry bushes in your own yard.  Last year I planted red currants, although they are not yet bearing fruit, I expect to have a huge harvest next season (if the birds don’t beat me to it!).

Although my strawberry patch was full of berries this year, I did not get to experience them for the devious little chipmunks beat me to it.  I have yet to figure out how to keep out the little guys out.  Maybe I should take up another sport in addition to fishing like sport chipmunk hunting, anyone have a BB gun? Ha! Ha!

Virge’s Berries and Cream                                                                                                                                  Ingredients:  Blackberries and Strawberries, Vanilla Ice Cream, Heavy Cream, Cassis Liquer

Method:  Smash Vanilla Ice Cream, a little Heavy cream and Cassis Liquer in a bowl, toss in berries and mix thoroughly.  Top with whipped cream and fresh mint garnish.  Bon appetit!

Your Hosts, Virginia & Dion Morrow


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