Posted by: virge1701 | July 28, 2010

You say Tomat-oh I say Tomato

Guess what I did the other day???? I picked my first tomato of the season, it was an heirloom that Dion and I grew up on our deck.  While I was walking around our house deciding how we would use it, Dion sliced it, threw it on two pieces of toast and called it a day.  So I had to wait another whole week to get another fresh tomato from our garden.  One week later I luckily had TWO heirlooms, ripe and juicy and not to simply be put on toast.  I stuffed the tomatoes with tuna salad, fresh parsley and a little mayo with a hint of onion over baby greens.  Delicious!  Nothing beats not only growing a deck or backyard garden, but enjoying the first product of your bounty. 

There are so many different types of tomatoes, for instance cherry, plum, big boys and green, whatever type you are growing make sure to keep the tomatoes on the vine as long as possible in order to maximize the anti-oxidant value.  Hence the favored term “vine-ripened tomatoe”.  It would be great if all of our friends of the Folderol would bring in their favorite tomatoe recipe or even share a sample.  Salsa, gazpacho, marinara, tomatoe salad, stuffed tomatoes and on and on.  Before our readers start throwing tomatoes on me, I am going to end this tomato repetoire and see you soon!  Happy gardening.

Your Hosts, Virginia & Dion Morrow


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