Posted by: virge1701 | August 19, 2010

Jonesing for French Food????

I went to Kingston last night to meet my two dearest friends.  Even though we were headed for a bistro casual setting we naturally ended up at Kingston’s finest French restaurant, Le Canard Enchaines. I find that  it is very rare that restauranters are willing to give high marks to other eateries, as we tend to be very critical people (not purposely, it is just a part of the business).  Much to our wondeful surprise, Le Canar surpassed our expectations!  It was five star all around in a non-pretenious way. 

Two of my favorite items were on the menu last night, duck liver pate (with all the accoutrements) and tarte tatin.  So from beginning to end, the food was so classically French, I fully expected to see the Eiffel tower when we left the Restaurant.

Although Kingston is a bit of a ride, the food, service and ambience all were impeccable.  Much like the Folderol –hard to find, amazing food, company and ambience tucked all away in a corner of Orange County.


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