Posted by: virge1701 | October 26, 2010

The Value of Trade Shows

Today I attended a local Food Trade Show and realized the importance of staying on the cutting edge of the culinary world.  Although I was raised in the restaurant world and have worked in restaurants for the past 30 years there is always something new to learn.  Who would have thought— foie gras venison sausage and peppermint cheesecake.  Now maybe those two don’t go together but it was all very yummy nonetheless.

As the food is simmering in the pots all round the room so are the ideas that are swirling all around us.  Not only is the food important at a Trade Show but so is the rekindling of old friendships and talking to other restauranteurs, chefs and sales representatives.  Although sometimes we are forced to utilize the large companies for certain items, Trade Shows also give you an opportunity to connect with speciality and local vendors.


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