Posted by: virge1701 | January 25, 2011

New Year, Crazy Weather = Comfort FOOD

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, another decade 2011!  Can you believe all these storms?  This is a perfect time of year to come down to the Folderol and tuck into a lovely Osso Bucco or a yummy bowl of Five Bean soup or a traditional French Onion crock of soup.  Although many of us have New Year’s resolutions of trimming down this cold weather certainly calls for some comfort food!  And since this a by-week for football, rather than saving your “splurge” foods for Superbowl Sunday, why not come on down to the Folderol and indulge in Sunday Brunch.  Aaaah, a snowy Sunday morrning a lucscious Eggs Benedict, a hearty Steak and eggs or a light and delicious baked brie with fresh fruit!


  1. Our brunch Sunday, January 23 was a great antidote to winter blahs. It was fantastic. Of course now it is snowing again. Thanks for another great meal!

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