Posted by: virge1701 | June 14, 2011

Important Note for All Folderol Friends

After 11 years of sharing great times with great friends here at the Folderol, Dion and I have decided to close the restaurant effective Saturday, July 2, 2011.  It has been our honor to serve literally thousands of you over the years.  We have met you as customers but all have become our friends and we are grateful for the experience.

There are so many to thank but we’d like to point out a few that helped to make the Folderol the special place it is.  First, we’d like to thank all of our staff, both past and present, who have worked so hard to help Dion and I create a dining experience we think is second to none.  Our past and present Executive Chefs have created exceptional dishes and added their own personal touches along the way: Chef Klaus, Chef Kenny, Chef Asa, and our Executive Chef Jay.

And who can forget the mojo that Wiggy brings on the weekends and those special occasions?  We can’t and we’re sure you feel the way we do about Wiggy and his music.  Of course, we have also been blessed to have Jonny Rosch here to jam with Wiggy and friends…what time we’ve had listening to Jonny belt out the tunes!

Now…Dion and I want you to know that Saturday, July 2nd will be our last day of operation.  We are both hoping that you’ll come to see us a…helping us say goodbye to a restaurant that we’ve held dear to our hearts for many years.

We’d be so glad to see you before we close.

With love,

Dion & Virginia



  1. We are very sad. We wish you both the best of everything in life. You have provided our family with so many wonderful memories we can never thank you enough. We will definitely join you on July 2nd.

    Eddie, Sarah and Liz

  2. Rich, Diana and I are also very sad to hear you will be closing the restaurant. You have given our family excellent food and friendship over the years and sharing with us Diana growing up. We wish you both the best in your future endevours and no matter what you do it will be successful. See you on July 2nd, we would not miss it!

  3. You are a valuable asset to our local area, such a nice place in such a small town. Thanks for the good eats and warm welcome. I will miss you very much and wish the two of you the very best of luck and success in your future endeavors. Vinnie Risco

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