Posted by: virge1701 | July 4, 2011

Diamond in the Rough

This was read on July 2, 2011 during the closing hours of the last day of Gigi’s Folderol.  Written and read by the author, Dion:

Ten years ago my wife and I opened a restaurant of our own design.

Gigi’s Folderol is what we call her.

The last decade has been a blurr.

Fine dining was our expertise and our number one goal was to please.

With your love & suppport over those years,

we thank you very much and give you some cheer.

With so many memories…some good, some bad, some happy, and some sad.

To share them with you makes us glad.

Clambakes, pig roasts, Christmas parties and of course, my annual anal toast!

Special thanks to Johnny Roash & friends for those rockfest nights that didnt ‘end.

Then there’s Wiggy and his mojo and Jay with his food flow; Heidi with her Cosmo;

Val with her champagne; Lala with a milkshake; and Heather with her man dates.

So we have to shut her down cause the government is full of clowns.

It doesnt’ matter what party is in, they bend your over & not call it a sin.

Even though it breaks our hearts, we look forward to a fresh start.

So let’s all promise to keep in touch cause you know we LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

Dion & Virginia

Saturday July 2, 2011



  1. Well we certainly never disappointed when we went to Folderol, and we will miss you guys and wish you all the best.

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