About Gigi’s Folderol

Your Hosts, Virginia & Dion Morrow

We could tell you plenty about the Gigi’s Folderol but we’d rather have those that have dined here tell you instead:

“Folderol II has been holding down the fine-dining market in this area for a number of years, which is quite an accomplishment.  My feeling is this is a very good restaurant with dedicated owners.  The place is attractive and well-decorated.  The cuisine is extremely fanciful and mostly terrific.  And the service staff is attentive, cheerful, and devoted.  I would make this drive here again anytime.  You should, too.”

– Restaurant critic Bill Guilfoyle has more than 25 years experience in the restaurant industry as a sommelier, manager and chef/owner. He is an associate professor at a local college.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another place in the Hudson Valley that has finer food and service. Hidden away in Westtown, the Folderol is top shelf and always consistent (a pet peeve of mine as many other places are inconsistent). It’s the only place we frequent (outside of trying some new places once in a while), because the food prepared by their Executive Chef is always excellent. You need only try it once to understand what I’m saying.”

– A HudsonValley.com reviewer

At first you will forget that you are going out to eat, since you will find yourself walking through a lovely flowered pathway into what looks like a private home.  These features belie the proprietors’ hospitality philosophy that you are their guest,
not their customer. Once inside, the kitchen aromas complete the proof of the reason you came.
Good food, charming, romantic ambience and an enjoyable evening alone or with friends.”

– Lauren J. Brophy and Leigh A. Petroski, Innkeepers, AppleValleyInn (AppleValleyInn.com)

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