Chef Creations This Week- 6/10 through 6/12

Executive Chef Jay Ruggeri

Here are the Executive Chef creations we are featuring this week in addition to our regular menu items.

Specials from Chef Ruggeri As of 06/10/11:

Soup:  Six Bean & Ham Hock Soup


New Zealand Mussels: With a Passion Fruit Guava Glase

Pasta: Butternut Squash Ravioli over Sage Brown Butter

Entrée Specials:

Roasted Duck:  Apricot Glase

Fish:  Salmon Filet with a Hickory Ponzu Sauce

Beef:  Center Cut Veal Chop with a Blackberry Cabernet Cream Sauce

Reservations: 845-726-3822


From Executive Chef Jay for the week of 5/3/10:

The Romantic Palate


Chef Jason Ruggeri

Like an artist with a blank canvas or a sculptor with a block of clay

I dream of the shape and color of a masterpiece almost every other day

My mission is to offer my guest an almost unforgettable feast

Whether my inspiration comes from the West or the Far East

Whether it’s a soup that needs more flavor or a spice to kick it up a bit I will cut, chop, mix and stir until the piece is fit

It may be a second course entrée or a first course salad; I attempt to make every culinary creation dance on ones palate.

It’s the years of experience and the secrets that only I know, that lead to a vision of plate presentation that makes ones eyes glow

With pride I serve each and every meal focused on quality and inspecting every fine detail

So whether Friday, Saturday or Sunday I hope that you and I will meet

It is in this restaurant enjoying everything that is savory and everything that is sweet.


Chef Jay shares some of his favorite recipes that you can try in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Here’s the latest edition:

Chef Jay Recipes1

Here’s an new personal note from Chef Jay for the week of  to you:

The Grass is Greener On the Other Side- 3/22/10

Dear Friends:

So the last two weeks have been a real treat for me.  My girlfriend and I went to down to Florida to hang out with Mickey in Disney World.  During this time, which was absolutely wonderful, you’re never too old to visit Disney! I could write a book but I’ll spare you and get to the experience that pertain to my world as a Chef.

While at Disney, I was exposed to a world of cuisines and edible delights.  I wined and dined like some famous food critic.  I have eaten at Lagosie’s, Todd English’s, and Wolfgang Pucks restaurants.  Which I might add, were all 5 start restaurants.

But then, there was Epcot.  What a cool place!  Within the park they have an eatery for every place on the globe.  Epcot is one giant buffet line featuring food from every country you can imagine.  It was a great experience.  And, it was really nice to be a patron of a restaurant for change!  To be served and catered to really gives truth to the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’.

Yours Truly,

Chef Jay

Note from Chef Jay from the Week of 3/1/10:

Be Inspired!

“Talk about Inspiration.  I had a customer this past week ask me how do I come up with my dinner specials? This is such a simple question that has so many answers, some being so complex. Sometimes our specials can be a collaborative effort between Virginia, Dion and myself which is confusing and comical but fun and productive. Sometimes its hard to put three ideas into one.

More often than not, I usually think of specific worldly cuisines and then try to choose an entree that best represents that part of the world respectively. I then focus on the details of that style to ensure I execute the dish to its traditional authenticity.

There are many other variables that come into play when creating a special. These variables can be product availability, quality standard, seasonal influence and market industry trends. Other times I will stray from the traditional classical methods and prepare a cross cultural cuisine otherwise known as a fusion approach.

Basically the idea here is to tie, marry, or blend aspects of styles, ingredients and methods together to form a new but nostalgic experience on ones palate. I find this modern approach to cooking  fun,exciting and pushing the industries trends to the edge. This approach encourages creativity both in flavor and plate presentation. It also opens itself to endless possibilities in reference to new specials. This best represents where my ideas come from.

When trying to imagine and drive new specials I try to envision the look of the plate from a geometric perspective. What I mean by this is creating height, balance and color to complement the actual shape of the dish itself. So whether its fish, beef or poultry on stage at The Folderol I invite you to come and be inspired.”

Chef Jay Ruggeri


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