Gigi’s Folderol Menu’s

You can download our complete menu here:  GigisFolderoMenuSummer2010

Chef Jay Performing His Culinary Magic



  1. Love it! More pics please. 🙂

  2. We will be in your area tomorrow night (8/11) and are interested in a vegetarian menu-we (my wife and I) do eat dairy products. Do you have this available.
    We have heard wonderful things about your restaurant!

    • Come on in…we’ll figure out something for your vegetarian taste buds!

  3. Just wanted to say my wife Kelly and I have always enjoyed your restaurant and atmosphere is outstanding and really helps in enjoying the great food that you serve. We are hoping to come in on Monday November 1st which happens to be our 11 year anniversary. Looking forward to spending some good quality time on Monday.

    Pete and Kelly McDermott

  4. dear, verg

    second try…. i have to say website is nice but must be updated… also i think you should put on some other pics of the updated dining room and plate presentation….

    your sous chef doug

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